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Google Image on HMG

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Google has spent lots of money and time gathering street images. It is their content so we must provide a link to be in compliance with their terms and conditions. That is why we gather the Google Image only from Street View and embed the link on

How do we get to Google Map?

Go to google and search Google Map and then type in the “City, State” or the Address

Format Images

How do I do a screenshot on my computer?
To screenshot on Windows, Press on “Ctrl” and “PrtScn” while on Mac, “shift” “command” and “4”

Where do we put the pictures once we collect them?
Upload them into your employee folder on Google Drive under the day of the week folder.

Why does it need to be a live “Street View” for the image?
To use Google Images there must be a link on the website. We are using this link as a background image for a webpage to possibly show a familiar area in the web visitor’s city. Make sure you pick something interesting. You must use the Street View from the Google Van

Where do I put the link that’s collected.
In your Google Drive, in your employee folder, that file will already exist. Ask your manager for more details.

Where do the link and the image connect once into the system?
  • Login to
  • Choose Dashboard >> Locations >> Choose the City, State by Selecting edit (mousing over City, State to see)
  • It is a separate task to link the image into the system. For now just collect the images and links one by one.

Example: (City State).png