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Posting Articles

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Posting articles is important that the format is done correctly. Having good information as well as a properly display gives the reader encouragement to continue reading.

Do I publish the article once it’s done?

No, save as a draft because there are always modifications and fine tuning that must be done. This is typically done on the weekend. Once it’s finished then it will be published.

How do I space lines out if we need more than one line and make it look nice?
Click on the button on the far right.
<br class="">
will make a blank line. Remember try to not use the button as this has a way of adding unwanted text formatting.

Why not use
and why have this extra code?
At times if you don’t have the full code
<br class="">
then you’ll find your nicely formatted page suddenly will look bad. The (class=””) part is a workaround to prevent reformatting the beautiful layout you’ve just made. Even though this reformatting text doesn’t happen immediately, it will happen when there is an plugin update or when something is added to the post.