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FB Groups for Subscriber’s Marketing & Our Marketing

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This part is created so that the marketing partner has already processed places to send articles to. Your job is simply to collect possible links on Facebook.

How and Where to Save It?

Go to the sheet, on the upper left near the file name, click on the folder and move it to your named folder. Do not forget to share the file with your Manager. :)

When you are selecting all these groups what key are you pressing to get the separate tabs to open with a group?
Mac: Keep the {alt} key pressed and select the link (group) by clicking on it with the mouse. This will open a tab so you can go trough a lot of groups quickly. On Windows: If you are using windows, all you have to do is click on the middle button of your mouse to open it to the next tab

Why are you saving each city but have 2 groups?
The first set in the group is for subscribers to ECREW websites to use in their marketing. The second set is for us to contact admin owners to see if they would be interested in an ECREW website. ECREW stands for “Exclusive City Real Estate Website”.

Where can I find the cities to work on?
Because these will files change they are not in the downloads below. Go to your employee Google Drive, look for “Cities, Section”

Do I make a different Google Sheet for each city?
No. There is a tab down at the bottom that says “Sheet 1” in the video. This should be named the CITY, STATE for each city and state. So you probably will have dozens of Tabs per Google Sheet.