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Facebook Group Signs, Part 2

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When watching videos on this website, sometimes it get’s blurry.

When the video starts playing you can change the resolution by clicking on the cog, lower right hand part of the video, change that to a higher resolution. YouTube sometimes changes your quality of the video based on traffic and also your bandwidth. If you have limited bandwidth then it may automatically adjust.

Where can I find the list of cities to work on?
The list of cities are on your folder, and on the Google docs with your name on it.

Where can I find the template for the Facebook Group Signs?
In the bottom of this post is a download. It is the same download as “Facebook Group Signs, Part 1”

Which font and font size do I use?
Use the font “Highway Gothic” in “Regular” the size is depending on how big and long the name of the city would be. Resize and center to make it look nice.

Highway Sign Files