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Facebook Group Signs, Part 1

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This graphic is used for a Facebook Group for the CITY, STATE to help the agent get more business.

Why does my font look different than the one here?

There is a download below called “Highway Sign Files”. Download that and make sure you install the font “Highway Gothic”. Once installed correctly on your computer then you’ll have the ability to make it look identical. Try your first one and make sure it matches. As always contact your manager if you have questions.

How should I save the file?
Open “.ai” and export as “.png”. Make sure the resolution is “Screen (72 pp). This setting makes sure it’s not too huge and is made for a video screen.

What should I rename the file?
Rename it as “City, State” example you are working on Iowa Colony, Texas you will save it as “Iowa Colony, Texas”

Where should I save the finished maps?
Upload it on Google drive on your daily folders.

Highway Sign Files