VA Training

City Maps

Play Video
  • Go to google and search “(City, State)” “boundary map”
  • Look for the boundary map and take a screenshot of the map. Normally it is format.
  • Go to the downloaded file, rename “(City, State)”
  • Open the file “(City, State)” 
  • Resize the map to the center, make sure you are holding on to your shift so that it will not change form
  • Zoom to 100% to see the lines clearly
  • Click on the pen tool, you will be using this for making the lines for the maps
  • Start with a line, and then on Appearance, Click fill and click “None” 
  • Start doing the lines using the red line for your guide
  • Click the anchor to make sure you start with a straight line after every corner
  • Finish all the guide
  • The map takes about 20-30 minute process depending on the difficulty of the structure of map
  • After doing the maps, go to the libraries and click on the specific color #009933
  • Also add 4 to stroke with the same color
  • Go to layers, click the arrow and go to the last and hide the layer
  • Recenter the map, remember to hold on to the shift so that the map will not get distorted of its original size
  • Click on the file and “save as” save this as AI so we have a backup file and edit it again incase there are revisions
  • Next is export, export as png and then click export then you are done

How do I do a screenshot?

Using windows, you can screenshot using “Ctrl” and “PrtScn” keys, while using Mac you can screenshot using “shift” “command” and “4”

What is the tool you use on Adobe Illustrator?
Pen Tool. There are two different icons that look similar. Make sure you use the pen tool.

What is the hex color code for the map and the map boarder?
The hex color is #009933

What is the hexadecimal color for the map?
The hexadecimal color is #009933 or it may appear as R= 0 G= 148 B= 37. The idea is the outline and the fill in color is the same #009933.

Do I need to use the template provided to me?
Yes, the reason is because it will size the new graphic properly and the color too. See the download below.

Where do I upload the map graphics at the end of the list or at the end of my shift?
In your employee Google Drive Folder.

What is the resolution/pixels of the png?

Do I need to have the screenshot picture of the map after I’ve traced it with the pen tool?
No. The only reason you have the screenshot of the map is so you can trace it. At the end of your shift upload the maps to your employee Google Folder under the day you did the task.

What is .ai and .png?
When you see .ai on the back of a file, that is showing it was made in Adobe Illustrator. The .png is a graphics file that you’ll create using Adobe Illustrator.

What is the difference between a source file and a rendered file?
Source files are the editable files. So if you want to change something in a graphic or video, you use a source file. The source when exported becomes the final graphics/video file that we will show other people. This is the final product and is called a rendered graphic/video.

City Map – .ai and .png