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Marketing Concepts, You Asked For It

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How to Determine Demand

Years ago if you wanted direct response there was a lot of testing, the results could be weeks later. Developing a message is the same process 50 years later but sometimes you can see results in only hours.

But how to determine what people want? Isn’t it better to determine demand of a product/service before you start marketing? $

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Your Competitor's Keywords

What are your competitor’s keywords and how to use them? What are they doing well but you could do better? What is the strategy to ethically spy on your competition?

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Funnels, Tunnels, Bundles, and Other Nonsense!

All these concepts boiled down and the Glossary. Also how to get your questions answered directly.

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"I Couldn't Look Away" Principle

It was kind of gross, but I had to smell it again. That was shocking but I had to slow down to look at it.

What is your company’s “I Couldn’t Look Away” Principle? This is the most important part of any advertisement, article, or Internet content. Without it, no one knows you exist.

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Google and Your Website

There’s more than you think when it comes to your relationship with Google.

Find out some of the most important ranking information for your website. It’s right under your nose but you have to look down to see it.

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Nobody Cares, Everyone Cares

Once a website visitor comes to your website and reads your material, do you give them something to get them to engage with you?

Engaging with potential clients/customers is part of sales, right? Does your website have the right structure? A checklist

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Major Versus Minors

How to be efficient in what you’re doing? People learn by doing. Do you see someone successful and you’re trying to do what they do?

You’ll learn the 5 biggest errors that newer entrepreneurs make that will destroy your business and how to avoid them. If you follow these instructions you can increase your productivity 2 to 5 times as much as you’re spending now.

Number 6 is a bonus and if you’re working harder or longer hours than you want, here is the top solution to making your business run more independently from your effort! Bill Gates and Steve Jobs did exactly this to become the top of their industry. Here is the secret and the list.

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Virtual Assistants

Hard to find good employees that want to work? Here are some possible solutions on how to find a virtual assistant to help you free up your time. How does it work? Find out in this video.

Along with this video you’ll get access to the list of tasks that a Virtual Assistant can perform. Can you imagine taking a few hours off your schedule. Being a business owner doesn’t mean working overtime except in the beginning of growing your business.

Find out what other businesses do to duplicate their efforts.

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Your Marketing Website is Different!

There are different ways of marketing on the Internet. This session attempts to answer the basics.

  • Use time tested strategies to get more customers, clients, or sales!
  • What type of website is the best for getting new business?
  • COVID-19 and the indirect benefit that you should know about!
  • How to pick the name for your marketing website based on your business.
  • Why most people fail Internet marketing and how to avoid those issues.
  • $$$ How much is your website worth and selling your asset in the future!
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Hiring Your First VA "The Process"

When hiring your first VA, there is a learning curve. Knowing these things will help you be able to hire a VA that will match with your company.

  • How do you handle tasks given to your VA?
  • Quick screening 100+ of applications in only about an hour
  • #1 employee characteristic you’re looking for when quick screening
  • How to pay your employee the easiest way?
  • What should you expect from your VA?
  • What your VA should expect from you?
  • Avoid constant turn over and keeping your VA happy!